Ahli Medis MotoGP Ungkap Hal Penting Saat Race Pertama

THEMANDALIKAGP – Dorna Sports memperketat protokol kesehatan covid-19 pada saat race pertama di Jerez pada bulan Juli mendatang. Dr. Angel Charte seorang ahli medis untuk para pembalap dan tim MotoGP mengatakan ada beberapa poin penting yang harus diperhatikan seluruh kru pada saat pelaksanaan race nanti. Terdapat 16 aturan utama yang harus ditaati semua orang di paddock antara lain melakukan test tiga hari sebelum event, mengkarantina diri sendiri selama 3 hari, menggunakan APD, melakukan social distancing, menjaga kebersihan, menggunakan aplikasi untuk berinteraksi terkait kondisi kesehatan. Selengkapnya ada di wesbsite

  1. Do a Covid-19 test three days before the event
  2. Self-isolation for three days (after doing the test until the event)
  3. There will be random testing, if necessary, at the circuit
  4. Quiron Prevencion (part of Quiron Salut) will work with the MotoGP™ medical team to ensure safety
  5. Use of PPE by all personnel whilst traveling to the circuit and at the circuit
  6. Use of facemasks at all times when possible, encourage handwashing/hygiene guidelines
  7. Isolating personnel into groups, including riders on the same team – each rider will have their pre-defined team – and they won’t be able to mix
  8. Follow social distancing guidelines
  9. Tracking data using an app for the tests, daily checkups and who’s in contact with whom
  10. Daily medical checkups for all 1200 members of the paddock to look out for possible symptoms
  11. A lower capacity and staggered timetable in the Clinica Mobile so it doesn’t get too crowded
  12. Medical staff to use PPE and Covid-19 safety measures just like any hospital in Spain/Europe
  13. Anyone suspected of having the virus (showing symptoms) will be sent to a confined area of the medical centre for further examination
  14. If there’s a high chance of it being Covid-19 they will be sent directly to a local hospital (which will be on standby) where further swab, antibody and lung function tests will be carried out
  15. If the tests come back negative the person will return to the circuit and be treated in the medical centre
  16. If the tests come back positive for coronavirus they will be confined to the hospital or an assigned hotel under MotoGP™ medical direction control

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